About Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc.

At Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc., we place the comfort and satisfaction of our customers above everything. Having served a countless number of happy clients, we remain committed to our true value and passion for delivering topnotch flooring and carpet installation. In line with our philosophy of delivering the best quality flooring and carpet installation, we provide all our customers with unmatched convenience of shopping from their homes whenever they want. We believe that true customer service starts from delivering convenience through to offering quality on-site service that meets their needs. Our Shop at Home feature allows any of our customers to relax at home and make the best choice of products. We make it easier for our customers to make their choice the same way it would be, had it been they go to the market – it’s fast and stress-free.

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How to Shop at Home

Step 1: With just a few clicks or a phone call, you can book an appointment with us in line with your schedule. Please note that Giant carpet & Flooring Inc. has professionals who are ready to handle appointments, whether it’s a same-day appointment or not.

Step 2: Once you book an appointment with us, one of our professionals will visit your place as discussed and on-time, to assist you in picking the perfect flooring or carpet option for your home. Any of our professionals who visit your space have an in-depth combined and individual experience to help you make perfect choices.

Step 3: After analyzing your requests and helping you make idea; and bespoke choices that cater to your needs, we offer an on-spot, free and pocket-friendly quote without hidden charges. We try as much to ensure the quotes we provide don’t dig a hole in your pocket – that’s why we consider your budget.


Enjoy a professional installation, repair, or re-stretch without ever having to leave your home.

Warranty Installation Guarantee

Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc. wants to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Every customer is given a one-year installation warranty that covers any problems with your installation that you may experience. If you discover any defects within one year, the professionals at Giant Carpet Inc. will be available to take care of it and guarantee a seamless result.