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Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc. has been in the industry for several years and
remains a reputable brand when it comes to providing carpet and floor
sales/installation. We serve the entire Palm Beaches and Broward County area,
selling and installing only the best quality carpet and flooring options. Get in
touch with us now!


Why Choose Us?

Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc. is not your regular flooring and carpet installers. We stand out with our work ethics, passion for quality materials and services, and commitment to satisfying all our customers.

Expert Installers - We only house expert installers who possess years of combined and individual experiences in the industry. These experts know how to take on your project and deliver excellently, despite how complex it appears.

One-year Warranty - We understand how our customers cherish quality works that last, and we ensure that once we complete your project, you’ll never have a reason to hire any workforce to amend or perfect our work. We go as far to offer a one-year installation warranty that caters to any installation problem you might experience within the said time. If you ever discover installation defects within a year of hiring us, we’re always ready to take care of it.

Bespoke and Professional Advice – At Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc., we hardly let you brainstorm alone. With our experience in the industry, we consider your particular needs, the job requirements and other surrounding conditions to advise on the best flooring option.

Top-quality Materials – We take our customer’s projects serious like we’re working on our space, that’s why we sell and use only the best quality materials for installation.

Free Home Consultation – We optimize the comfort and satisfaction of our customers, and that’s we have simplified the consultation process. We let you choose from numerous options right from the comfort of your home.

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We Let You Know Your Flooring Options And Assist You
To Make The Perfect Choice For Your Space!

Every home, office, business apartment and other spaces you operate needs a professional carpet or flooring installation service if they must stand out and serve their purpose. Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc. has the keys to topnotch sales and installation of various carpet and flooring options you can ever need.
Whenever you think of ways to increase the value of your property as a homeowner, and add to its appeal, getting a new carpet or flooring installation is one of the best decision you can make. However, your choice of vendor and installers goes a long way to determine the quality and experience you get in the end. At Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc., we’re committed to providing the best quality installation services at prices that don’t break the bank because we know our growth is tied to the level of customer satisfaction we deliver.
Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc. is a brand synonymous with quality carpet and flooring installation, as well as optimum customer satisfaction. We know that any flooring or carpet installation project is never complete until we leave your space with a warranty, that’s why we offer a one-year installation warranty to assure you more.

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