Luxury Vinyl – 100% Waterproof

There’s more to owning a house, living in a house, doing business in a space, and even arranging your space for a coming event or guest. Getting a professional to work on your floor crowns it all. Luxury vinyl tiles recreate your entire space and offer stunning looks that call back the memories of making floors with wood. Luxury Vinyl stands busiest lifestyles, ensuring that human traffic doesn’t affect its efficiency.

Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc. staff professionals who are abreast of the strategies and processes of installing Luxury Vinyl flooring that is sure to last as described. Whether you want Luxury vinyl tiles installed in your basement, kitchen, rooms, office space or anywhere at all, we got you covered and it is 100% waterproof. Luxury Vinyl remains a popular choice among homeowners in Palm Beaches and Broward County area, owing to its affordability and durability. With its stain and water-resistant features, it stands out as the choice of many in their busy home areas.

You don’t need a standard Luxury vinyl installer; you need an expert installer with a wealth of experience in delivering expertly even in the most complex job scenarios. That’s exactly what you get with Giant Carpet & Flooring Inc. We take our time to understand your particular needs, craft ways to tackle and meet your needs. We prepare the subfloor, employ the perfect installation method, and install while optimizing safety and customer satisfaction.  Our installers understand your need for on-time service delivery, and we ensure your floor is ready to be walked on as soon as possible. Schedule a free estimate with us today.